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Parties: Getting Pass the Gate Keeper to Get to the Girls

Going to parties (invited, of course) can be another good way to meet women. But, it can also be one of the trickiest of all places to navigate as well.

Rather than trying to cover every type/kind of occasion there is to go to, I will tell you that the best types ones that have worked for me and the people I know would be:

  • House Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Pool or Beach Party

I will not discuss each individual type because they basically operate the same.

BUT, what you do need to be concerned with is what I like to call “The Factor of Cool” for each party you are planning to attend.

The Factor of Cool

We’ve all seen the Hollywood movies where the “cool guy” throws a “cool” party with all the coolest people and the hottest chicks invited right? Well, this is one of those times in where art DOES imitate life.WHY? Because the success of the party lies directly with the person throwing it, and his or her popularity or “coolness.”

Think about it: If you had a friend throwing a “Lord of the Ring’s Tribute Party,” how many hot women do you think will show up for that one? Also, ever heard of a popular guy who is unpopular with the ladies?

It can happen. I used to see it all the time in the military. The “popular guy” would call all of his buddies over to the barracks for a barbecue. Oh sure, there was always lots of booze, bro’s, barbecue; but never any babes. Bummer!

LISTEN: You don’t have to be “cool,” but you DO need to hook up with cool people (be it guys or gals) who know (or know of) other cool people who put on cool parties. The more popular the person(s) throwing the party, the more likely that lots of people (read “females”) will show up.

(BEWARE!!! There is always the possibility of the party turning into a “Sausage Fest” a*k*a “too many bro’s, not enough ho’s…”)

Also, you are going to have to know someone in order to get invited. If your friend, sister, or cousin has a friend, brother, cousin (you get the idea) who knows the person(s) throwing a party, then this is the quickest way to get invited. (Note: Part of you “Ninja Skills” needs to be the ability to network)You also need to “dress for the occasion.” Even if this was a “Goth” or “Punk” party, if you show up dressed like Carlton Banks from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” then you are going to look out of place in your preppy-threads, and most likely embarrass the person who invited you (and you can count on him or her not inviting you in the future…).

Your best bet is to try to get to parties that are thrown by popular single guys (especially good if he is a “lady’s man,” “flirt,” or “player”), single women (she will have lots of single girlfriends), or a group of single people.

Parties to Avoid

Not all parties are good for single guys, so use you “ninja skills” to investigate the type of parting being thrown.

Avoid the following:

  • Parties thrown by married couples. Most married people mostly associate with other married couples (keeps them “honest,” lol), so it’s a good chance that mostly married folks (or women) will only be at these.
  • Birthday Parties for Kids. Unless you are a single dad with a kid(s), or invited by a single mom with children, then there is no reason to go to children’s birthday parties. Mostly married women and single parent moms at these (unless you don’t have a problem dating a woman with children, of course).
  • Bachelor Parties. Room full of loud, drunken, and horny guys swilling beer; a female stripper (or two); enough said…
  • (Sometimes) Barbecues. From my experience, most of the barbecues I’ve been to were usually thrown by couples (boyfriend and girlfriend), and it was usually mostly couples in attendance.

    Barbecues differ from parties in that barbecues are mostly for people to come by to eat and chat, toss the football around, etc, and women usually bring their boyfriends to these (to show-off to their girlfriends).

    It’s more of a “social” than anything else. So to make a long story short, barbecues are “mild,” whereas parties are usually “wild.”

So, do you or your friends know of any guys who are very successful with women? What about a cool chick who knows and is friends with other cool chicks? Then why not consider throwing your own party or get-together?

It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate, and can be as small as a a living room, backyard, or hotel suite setting.


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