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Online Dating: Meet Women at Cupid’s Corner in Cyberspace

There are lots of beautiful and sexy single women online dating!

If you want to be able to view photos of and chat with hundreds of single women in your town, city, or state, all with the click of a mouse, then dating online will be perfect fit for you.Invented with the “ever-busy” individual in mind, the creators of internet dating understood that not everyone wants to or has the time/ability to get “all jazzed-up” to visit nightclubs, social bars, and parties; and that’s where online dating fits in!

Who’s It For?

This particular aspect of dating will be of great value and benefit to:

  • Those who work a lot: Be it professionals, blue-collar workers, or the self employed

  • Have you ever been ripped
    -off by an online dating site full of fake profiles of women
    who left months ago?
    Any horror stories you’d
    like to share with us?
    Click here to tell us who and what to be aware of!

  • College Students: Yeah, try deciding between going to an all night kegger or staying at home to prepare for your mid-term tomorrow, WHICH YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN TO STUDY FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE!!
  • Single Parents
  • OR maybe you don’t do well around crowds of people and are looking for an alternative to nightclubs, social bars, and parties

So, if you have access to the internet and are able to send and receive emails, then online dating will work for you!

From the above list, I fit into the “college student” AND “self employed” bracket, so you can imagine how busy my life gets. I like to balance online dating with regular dating 50/50. It’s nothing to send and answer emails with a beautiful babe online at 10am, and be sipping coffee with her at Starbucks at 5pm.

And that’s why millions are drawn to online dating!

Who Are The Major Players?

When it comes to choosing which online dating site to join, it is always wiser/safer to join the larger, reputable, and more popular sites that have been around for a while, such as Match.com, Yahoo! Personals, and Perfectmatch.com.

These sites usually will have the most members (remember my “more females = more opportunities to strike gold” equation?) and even offer free personality and compatibility test so that you are matched with females that are looking for the same thing as you (e.g. casual dating, long-term relationship, marriage, etc.), and who share the same interest as you (biking, movies, computer games, etc.).

There are even specialty niche sites such as Adultfriendfinder.com and Fling.com for people looking for/only interested in discreet sexual encounters with no strings attached!

Connections Across the Fruited Plains

On the internet, county and state lines simply do not exist! Online dating allows you to connect with any woman, of any race and ethnic background, in any city or state in the country.

Live in a small town? There may not be many women online from your area, BUT, how far are you from a major city or metropolitan area? Don’t let distance be an issue, especially if you happen to find your soul mate a few states over!

Test Drive Before You Buy

Almost all online dating websites give you the option of a free online dating trial. Why not sign up and take a look around? You might find something (rather someone) you like!

If not, don’t buy. The only thing you will lose is time (which is time well spent when it comes to looking for women).

And of course you can sign up for ALL of the free trials listed below if you wish. It’s a very good way to see who you might consider subscribing to in the future based on your user experience and satisfaction with each one:

Has what they call the “Duet® Total Compatibility System” which, in their own words is “the only one grounded in research on the individual characteristics that matter. Better yet, it’s the only one that tells you which traits your partner should share and which should be different.”
Perfectmatch.com Special TV Offer – 2 Months Free

Yahoo Personals
Sign up for Yahoo! Personals 7 Day Free Trial

Been in the online dating game since 1995 and currently claims to have over 20 million registered members.
7 Day Free Trial

***For those looking for something a little more daring and adventurous***:

Ashley Madison.com
Ashley Madison lets you hook up with ladies that are already involved but want to experiment with someone else. Free to sign up as a guest member and to also send winks and photos. They also boast that their male-to-female ratio for subscribing members is 1:1. Discretion is high priority due to the nature of this site.
Ashley Madison

Free to join. They have implemented a “photo verification system” so you that you respond to and meet real people. You also have the option of making your profile “discreet” so that only members in your black book are able to see your photos.

Why You WANT To Use Paid Membership Dating Sites And Not The “Free” Ones

I purposely did not list myspace.com or any other social networking site as a dating site. Sure it’s free, but as with all free things you get what you pay for.

Myspace is used more as a vanity site than it is for dating. If all you need is to stroke someone’s ego to make you happy, then myspace is the place for you.

My advice: Subscribe to a paying dating site. Obviously, paying subscribers are looking to get something out of their subscription and find that special someone.

No one’s paying money just show off there profile and answer “thanks” to your messages you send telling them how “beautiful” and “sexy” they look.

They go to myspace where it’s free…

The “Free” dating sites are usually loaded with profiles of beautiful women, but these are not the actual women. They are spam. Just take a closer look at the description of their profile and it will probably read something like this:

“Click here to view my personal web cam”


“I’m not usually on this site a lot, so click here to visit me at ______.com and sign up for a free profile”

Also, these “free” sites don’t take the time to delete these “spam” profiles, so all you are stuck with are a bunch of profiles with beautiful women, but no real women to go with the profiles.

All signed up? Well of course I’m not just going to leave you hanging!

If you are seriously interested in knowing what you should do next with that membership, then our free 4-Part “Online Dating Tips Guide” should be your next stop!

Click to find out what you can expect once joining a dating site, and what to do in order to be successful in your endeavors.

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