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Movie Reviews: Movies to Study About Dating

Once in a while Hollywood gets it absolutely right!

The movie reviews listed here are on movies about dating; just a few guys trying to pick up babes, get laid, and hopefully find love in the process (kinda like us, huh?).

These are the movies I feel are the closet thing to how it all goes down in real life situations, or what I like to call “art imitating life.” All of the elements are present in these films:

  • Where to find women
  • Approaching women
  • Conversation
  • First Dates
  • etc, etc

And on top of it all, the stories and acting are phenomenal!

So study these films to gather some ideas and tips for your own personal adventures in dating…

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

***P.S. Any movie listed below are ones that I have personally viewed myself and personally recommend***

Dazed and Confused (1993)
Dazed and Confused is the ULTIMATE “hang-out and chill” movie, and makes American Graffiti look like a boring National Geographic documentary…(Genre: Comedy/Drama)

Swingers (1996)
Swingers is for anyone who has dealt with a long-term relationship that ended badly, and took you (or is still taking you) a very long time to get over it…(Genre: Comedy/Drama)

Would you rather rent these movies instead? Any movie that is in my collection ONLY made it to my collection because I had previously seen it (and LOVED IT!) before.

Try Netflix.com where you can try them for free and return them whenever you like…all from your own home!

Click here for the COMPLETE “Movies to Study” collection!

Netflix, Inc.

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