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Male Fitness: Why You SHOULD Care About Your Physical Appearance

But I want a woman who will love me for who I am!

And you should!

“Male Fitness” is not about trying to “tempt” you into wanting to becoming slimmer and trimmer. I am only providing you with the information just in case you ARE wondering how you can approve your physical appearance.

The truth is, most people ARE self-conscience of themselves and their physical appearance.

The truth is, most people DO care about how other people view them. And men especially care about how they look in front of women. It’s the reason why you get haircuts, shave and trim, and pick out the clothes you wear. All for her 😉

This fitness guide is just another weapon to add to your arsenal. The same way you invest in nice attire, accessories (watches, jewelry), and shoes, you should put some thought into investing time into working on your physical appearance.

It will do wonders to your self-esteem, and you’ll look and feel healthier in the process!

Below are links to various fitness articles that I feel are the best sources for information on the subject of men’s fitness, and overall health and fitness in general.

(NOTE: Please report any broken link to the articles in the form located at the bottom of this page)


Weight Workout: A 4-Week Plan for a Bigger, Stronger Body In Record Time
Here is a weight workout article by a trainer for celebrities who offers you a 4-Week Plan for a bigger, stronger body in record time…

Forget pilates. Capoeira is THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT; essentially “Jazzercise” on speed. Did you know that Capoeira was outlawed in Brazil in 1890, and the punishment for practicing it was extreme (practitioners would have the tendons on the backs of their feet cut)?

Ab Workout: What can I do to get rid of my belly fat?
Interested in learning an ab workout that will help you lose belly fat? According to exercise physiologist and nutritionist Martica Heaner, there isn’t one. Find out what she offers as an alternative…

Weight Loss: Nothing Does It Better Than Running
Everyone hates running, but it just happens to be the best vehicle for weight loss. Prepare to “learn and burn” as Matt Fitzgerald shows you that “Running incinerates fat like nothing else…”

Ab Workout 2: Tips & Exercises For a Flat Stomach
This lady has pretty much broken down the ab workout to a science. Her Flat Stomach Exercises website asks: “Can’t keep the weight off? The reason may surprise you…”

Weight Training: 10 Gym Machines You Shouldn’t Use
Not all weight workouts are created equal. The editors of Best Life point out which weight training machines to stay away from to avoid putting unwanted stress on your joints and limbs…

Chest Exercises: Nothing Beats Push-Ups…EVER!
According author Kurt Brungardt: “No single movement simultaneously strengthens the chest, deltoids, lower back, and triceps quite as efficiently as the push-up…”

Weight Loss: 20 Tips For A Permanent Fix
We could all use a perfect formula for permanent weight loss. These 20 tips will help you to keep the fat at bay…

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