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The Dating Single Online Mens Magazine Featuring Dating Tips for Single Guys

Are you interested in free, no nonsense dating tips to help you to meet the woman of your dreams? Are you seeking women in all the wrong places and would like dating advice for where to meeting women looking to be found?

Then you’ve come to the right place for the right information!

Dating is an art form that you can easily learn to master, and with these free dating tips for meeting women, you will quickly become a “dating guru!”

But first, you need to be totally true and upfront with yourself.

Does the following sound like you or someone you know?:

“These days chicks only want guys with lots of money”

“There’s nowhere to go to meet nice women. I’m NEVER going to find anyone!”

“If only it were 19–(insert year here), I’d have better luck finding the girl of my dreams. Chicks were WAY COOLER back then!”

Sometimes it is easier to use excuses (money, location, time period) because as men, it keeps us from coming face-to-face with our biggest fear when it comes to meeting women: REJECTION!

It’s really not as big of a deal as your mind makes it out to be.

You’ve dealt with rejection all of your life!

From mom denying you those cookies and candy before bedtime; Dad denying you the keys to his car and rejecting to extend your curfew for the party you want to go to where “everyone from school is going to be there;” to the bank rejecting your first loan request due to “lack of credit history.” Sure you were upset a little. But then you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and got on with your life.

Rejection happens.

Get over it! Our free online mens magazine featuring dating tips for meeting women will help you do exactly that!

Here at, you will learn dating tips and ideas that will help you to reduce your rejection-to-success ratio. Here we will focus on:

  • Presentation: VERY IMPORTANT! First impressions ARE the best impressions! Especially true when trying to meet women online. Learn how to make it your best!
  • Confidence: Unless you are an A-list Hollywood actor or musician, women will not be tripping over themselves to meet you: You must approach them! The most she could say is “no.” But she could also just as well say “yes.”
  • Dating Tips for Meeting Women: From nightclubs, to social bars, the local college, and especially online dating sites, there’s no excuse not to meet women. Put the remote down, get out there and socialize!
  • What not to do on a first date: Put that cell phone on “silent” and leave those “wandering eyes” at home.

And much, much, more…

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