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First Date Ideas: Where To Go, And What To Do

CONGRATULATIONS! If you have arrived here at “First Date Ideas,” then it is assumed that you have succeeded in landing your first one…I salute you!

Please take a few seconds to give a “moment of silence” for our bro’s who are still on the dating battle field and in training.

(Note: If you have arrived here and have not yet been through dating boot camp, or are in need of a quick refresher, then please start here)

Now that you’re over the first hump, these ideas will help you to make a smooth transition into the second phase of dating.

What does the second phase consist of?

This is the stage in where you will TRULY be able to confirm whether or not there is any connection between you and your date. THIS ESPECIALLY APPLIES to any woman you met that, at the time, did not prove to be a “Keeper,” but gave you the option (her phone number) to explore future possibilities.

Another thing phase two will cover: Since the environment of the place you take your date will be completely different from the place where you first met her, you will now get a REAL idea of how the two of you respond to each other outside of those environments, and away from only conversing over the phone (or email for dating online).

ONE FINAL NOTE: All of the ideas listed below are considered to be “Level 1/Beginning” stage ideas. You are still in the process of gaining her trust, so things like inviting her over to you place for a first date IS NOT RECOMMENDED (you stranger).

Let’s now look at some of the few options you have for places to meet and things to do.

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Whether meeting with your date at a Starbucks or Jamba Juice, cafes prove useful especially when in doubt about the woman you are meeting…

So, you’ve gotten through your first date. How did it go? Here are some tips that will let you know if there will ever be a second one…

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