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First Date Ideas: Cafe’s, A*k*A “Your Own Personal Jesus”

Cafes will save your a$$ and save you money!!

What the hell am I talking about?

When it comes to first date ideas, this one will prove the most useful to you when dealing the unknown.

You know, the female that you’ve been talking to by phone about taking out on a date, but haven’t ANY memory of what she looks like since you had one too many drinks around the time you asked for her phone number at that party or nightclub the other night.

What about the woman who says she’s interested in meeting for a first date, but in talking with her your “bullsh*t” detector is firing on all pistons, giving you a sense that she’s either not going to show up, or phone in with an excuse why she can’t make it.

EVEN BETTER is the “safety mechanism” cafes provides for meeting a woman for the very first time when using online dating as your dating means.

SUMMARY: Cafes are low maintenance confirmation stations.

The key words here are “low maintenance” and “confirmation.”

If you aren’t getting ANY good vibes from the woman you are thinking of planning a first date with, then having her meet your for coffee at Starbucks, or a bookstore such as Barnes and Noble or Borders is a low maintenance way to confirm if there is any connection between the two of you.

There is no need to meet at the movies (where you’ll be doing even less talking and reading body language), or for dinner or “dining”, spending money you could’ve used to go to a nightclub or social bar to go hunting for other available women.

There’s also no need to get “all dressed up for nothing” if she in fact proves to be a waste of time. Just throw on something casual (but nice, not bummy) and have her meet up with you.

If she doesn’t drink coffee, then pick a spot to meet at like Jamba Juice, or other juice and smoothie bars.

AGAIN, let me stress this point:

You want to meet at these places with women that you have met through online dating (to get a REAL idea of what she looks like in person), or women who you aren’t sure are actually seriously interested in hooking-up with you so that you do not spend any more of your valuable time pursuing something that may turn out to be nothing.

If they can’t take the time to come and meet with you for a small cup of Joe, then take this as a hint that she either wasn’t really interested in the first place, or really has something to hide!

For this type of first date situation, YOU ARE KING, THE CAFE IS YOUR COURT, and she is meeting with you to be INTERVIEWED! Phone conversation tells you nothing. Get her in front of you and see how well you interact with one another, reading her to see if she’s attracted to you, and you to her.

If she turns out to not show any signs of being attracted to you:

then the only thing you’ve lost is time.

If the 110 pound woman from the online photo turns out to be 250 pounds heavier:

then the only thing you’ve lost is time.

There is nothing worse than committing to a “dinner and a movie date” (plus the cost of time, gas, the dinner, AND the movie) only to find out that the “date” turns out to be COMPLETELY different than you had expected once she arrives…


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