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First Date Ideas: Going To The Movies

If you are planning your first date at the movie theater, then do yourself a HUGE favor: Be sure she REALLY is interested in watching a movie in the first place!

There is nothing worse than wasting time and money taking a date to a movie that she isn’t interested in watching. She WILL HATE YOU for the entire 90-120 minutes of it.

Be considerate. This first date isn’t about you, and it sure as hell doesn’t matter what you want to see; it’s about her. Your goal is to get her out the house, and around you.

If she wants to go and see a “chick flick,” then suck it up and pretend to be interested (even I had to sit through such “chick flicks” as “Never Been Kissed” and Bridget Jones’s Diary”. Talk about earning your stripes…).It’s called “Flattery” sir, and flattering her on a first date by being considerate will earn you MUCHO points on the dating scale!

Now don’t get me wrong: not all women want to only see chick flicks. Most will be down and just as eager as you to see the latest “Action” or “Horror” film to grace the silver screen. JUST TAKE THE TIME TO ASK HER FIRST.

If your conversation goes a little something like this:

You: “So, what do you want to see?”

Her: “Um, it really doesn’t matter.”

You: “No, seriously. Pick anything. I’m game!”

Her: “I’m serious! I am open to watching whatever you decide on…”

Then it’s “open season” all day long baby!


You: “So what are you interested in seeing?”

Her: “You know, I was really interested in watching “_______.” I heard it’s supposed to be really good!”

Then you take her to see “_____.”

Who knows, “_______” could have been something you may have been interested in seeing in the first place!

(NOTE: I cannot stress this point enough to you. If you insist on going to see something YOU only are interested in for your first date, she WILL be bored the entire movie, WILL then think that YOU are a boring person, WILL tell all of her friends about how much of a boring time she had, and WILL opt to go out with someone a little more interesting and considerate next time…)

ALSO: Have everything worked out BEFORE you show up at the movie theater. You should already know and have worked out with her

  • What movie you are going to see
  • Which movie theater you are going to see it at
  • The time the movie begins
  • Are you picking her up? Or is she meeting you there?
  • Are you also going to dinner before or afterwards (NEVER BOTH)
Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance! YOU scheduled the date, so YOU need to organize everything, and have everything timely organized.

Be sure to write down a few other different play times in case you miss the showing you were planning on seeing at first due to traffic or your date not being ready when you arrived (the last one happens the MOST often).

And with that said: PLAN TO PAY FOR THE MOVIE!! Unless she insist on paying her own way, you should have planned this first date with the idea of paying for everything.

It just makes since. How would you feel if someone invited you to a party, came and picked you up, but once you arrive at the party, they tell you it’s $– to get in. Even worse if you didn’t bring any cash in the first place.

Don’t be surprised if she wants to pay for her own ticket. Some women do not like to feel obligated when dating (she may be thinking “I hope he doesn’t think he’s getting any just because he paid my way…”).

Other than that, have enough CASH ON HAND (in case your credit card doesn’t work that night, or their machine is down) to pay for the outing.

(Ninja Skillz: Whatever time your movie is set to start, have the two of you show up 15 minutes before it begins. This way, you can sit in the theater and talk together before the movie begins, giving you the opportunity to further get in good with her.)

MOVIE MONEY SAVING TIP: Popcorn and hot dogs cost more than the actual damn movie these days! Save money by either having the two eat at a restaurant BEFORE or AFTER the movie, BUT NEVER DO BOTH!! You will come out cheaper this way and save money in the long run.

Determine all of this before hand. If you are eating after the movie and are hungry NOW, then eat something light to hold you over before meeting with her. That way you won’t just be thinking about wanting the movie to end so that you can go “pig out!” PLUS, it gives the two of you something to talk about (“liked the movie,” “hated the movie”) over dinner.

Just be sure that the movie will end at a time when restaurants will still be open (VERY IMPORTANT!!). Eating before the movie is perfectly okay as well. But you KNOW how people are after they eat…so hopefully you’ll be able to stay awake during the flick!

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