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Dating Tips Journal: It’s About to Get Very Ugly in Here…

Tough questions with tough answers! The Dating Tips Journal is about getting very personal. In the journal you will find random but very controversial rants about dating and relationship topics that no one else will dare discuss:

  • “Do you think you would you know if your girl was cheating on you? Seriously, how would you know?”
  • Child support woes: Is another guy living off of your charity?”
  • “Would you be cool with having a stalker if she came in the form of Angelina Jolie? Would you take advantage of her obsession over you by getting her to do really nasty stuff? How do you get rid of her once she starts to feel ‘used,’ transforming from ‘obsessed’ to ‘psycho'”

And we haven’t even scratched the surface yet gentleman!

Here is the chance for you to share your thoughts, tips, experiences, and opinions on the subject of dating and relationships. Everyone has a different way and method of doing and dealing with dating issues.

BROS WANNA KNOW! Leave your mark by contributing the Journal.

P.S. Do not be surprised to see women commenting on the topics listed in the journal. So be prepared for lots of mud-slinging around these parts!

The gloves are off.


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More Journal Entries To Come…

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