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Dating Tips for Meeting Women: Some of the Most Obvious and Overlooked Places

The weekly “Rehab Party” at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Are you seeking women and wondering where you should look? “Dating Tips for Meeting Women” saves you the headache of looking in all of the wrong places.

For starters, you don’t go to a burger joint for sushi, nor do you go to your dentist for a flu shot. The same holds true when it comes to exploring options on meeting available women.

Problem: Not all places are game.

There are actually some places that you shouldn’t attempt to meet women at. Just because she is out in public, dressed sexy as hell, a happens to glance in your direction doesn’t give you the “okay” to approach her.

Since she probably isn’t looking or expecting to be approached, you become nothing more than a “solicitor” trying to sell her something she wasn’t looking for in the first place.

Solution: Save your self the headache and take my advice: To find the women who are looking to be found, go to where the hunters and the hunted gather!

Here are some of the many popular flavors available:

Geeting By With A Little Help From Our Friends…
Getting friends to help introduce you to women can be a very easy way to meet women. Learn how to get one of your male or female pals to “send word” to one of their single female friends and get “hooked-up!”

Meeting Women Online
If you are looking for single women and are too busy to venture out to nightclubs and social bars, then the best alternative is always online dating…

Dating Tips for Nightclubs
Dating Tips for Nightclubs shows you how to meet women in one of the best places to find sexy and attractive women who are looking to be found by YOU…

Social Bars
Another alternative to nightclubs is the stylish and trendy Social Bars, also known as a “Lounge” or “Jazz Cafe”…

Local Colleges
Know of any local colleges in your area? Why not enroll in a class or two? There are plenty single women there all year-round looking for a “study buddy”…

Have you gotten word of a few cool parties going down in your area? Better believe that some smoking hot women will be present. Embrace yet another way to meet women…

Best Cities for Dating
Every wonder why you’re having such a hard time meeting women where you live? Well, maybe your city seriously sucks…seriously! Find out why…

Seeking Women: Where NOT to Meet Women
Here is The Dating Single Male.com’s list of where not to meet women to save you the disappointment of seeking women in all the wrong places…

Where Not to Meet Women: Bait & Switch + They Stole My Sh*t
Yet another very important dating advice reason why you don’t want to use phone chat lines for meeting women…

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