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Avoid These Dating Tips And Strategies At Your Peril…

You have now reached the “Dating Tips & Strategies Guide.” At this point, I am assuming that:

Then “Dating Strategies” is here to take you to that next level on your quest to become a “dating ninja!”

Sometimes the best way to learn is from others mistakes. A good portion of these strategies were “written in blood,” my blood and others. So listen (read) and learn from the advice and mistakes of those that came before you, and share the info with others who you see “slippin” or in need of direction.

You will read and learn important tips and advice for when visiting nightclubs (a*k*a “Nightclub Rules”), and a good amount of this guide will be spent on tips and strategies for online dating, as well as college dating tips for those looking to win the attention of those “Brainy Beauties” whose head stays buried in her books.

Read on…

Dating Advice for Meeting Women: Wingman 2.0
Here is some dating advice for the advanced dating Jedi: Wingman 2.0…

Ignoring Those You Cannot Have
Here is a dating strategy that will save you a lot of wasted time: Ignore women you cannot have, especially the ones who won’t play ball…

Conversation Tips, Part 2: The Do’s and Don’ts
“Conversation Tips, Part 2: The Do’s and Don’ts” is designed to SAVE YOUR A$$ from saying all the wrong things during a date or phone conversation with a woman…

Nightclub Rules: The Do’s and Don’ts
Now that you have tips on meeting women in nightclubs, learn how not to blow opportunities once they present themselves…

Dating Tips for College
Make yourself a desired distraction! These college dating tips will help you to pry female’s attention from her books and begin to study you…

Seeking Women Around Campus: Pick a Spot and Advertise
Seeking women around your college campus? A good dating strategy is to pick out a high-traffic area, position yourself to be seen, and advertise…

Dating Online Tips
Are you thinking of joining an online dating site or already a paying member? Then these dating online tips will help you succeed…

Dating Online Tips, Part 2: The Profile Photo
Dating online tips now begins to focus on the photos for your online dating profile, and why you want them to be your absolute best…

Dating Online Tips, Part 3: Writing Your Profile Description
Part 3 of “Dating Online Tips” takes a look at some of the things you write into your profile description, and the things you simply want to avoid writing about…

Dating Online Tips, Part 4: Flirting Online
Dating online tips part 4 is for flirting! Learn why conversation with women online is slightly different than in person…

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