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Dating Online Tips: How to Win in the World of Online Dating

“Dating Online Tips” is designed to help you navigate the cyber landscape of the online dating world, and to be successful once you do sign up for a paid-subscription dating membership.

The one thing that you must keep in mind is that with online dating you are not dealing with raw human emotion: you are dealing with a photo and a description.

There will be no way to read the body language of the female you are interested in like you would be able to do in person.

Also with online dating, this is one of the places where “truth” will work for AND against you.

For. Imagine: You’ve contact a woman just based on the fact that you like what you see in her photos. After some interchange, the two of you decide to meet for a date.

Upon meeting said woman in person, you come to find that the young, slim, and long-haired woman from the online photo is now slightly aged, a few pounds heavier, with her hair cut much shorter.

Now, depending on the extremities, you may or may not mind the few changes as much. BUT STILL, your mind was set on meeting the woman you saw in the photo AS IS, and somewhere inside yourself you begin to somehow feel “tricked” or “cheated.”

The same applies to you if you decided to post a photo of you in you “college days” when you had a six-pack and full head of hair, only for a woman to find a balding, and heavier you.

Being truthful will work FOR you in this situation. Post photos of you in present form. Most people don’t like surprises when it comes to dating.

Against. Benjamin Franklin once said that “honesty is the best policy,” but I will show you in dating online tips that “just being yourself” doesn’t cut it in the arena of online dating, and why you WANT to do everything you can to stand out from the rest of the fish in the (online dating) sea.

Why appear to be “just an ordinary guy?” Women are bored by ordinary. That’s the main reason why women are into “bad boys” or “a$$holes.” You don’t have to be either of those, but you DO have to stand out from the rest of the “extraordinarily ordinary” gents online.

Dating online tips will show you just how to accomplish this.

ONE FINAL NOTE BEFORE WE BEGIN: You may not know it or choose to think of it this way, but online dating is a buyers and sellers market. AND GUESS WHAT? Women are the buyers, and you are the seller!

The question you should constantly be asking yourself throughout the process of creating your online profile is “what do I have to offer?” In a woman giving you her time and attention (and possibly her body), what do you have to trade?

This has nothing to do with “good looks” or a “great physique.” Women are emotional creatures, and it’s going to take more than just a “great smile” to elevate you above the fray.

What do you have to offer?

Are you financial successful (or stable)? Are you a reliable person (can she reach you 24/7, 365)? Are you good with people (can you make her laugh afters she’s just had a very terrible day?)? Do you have any special skills (can you help her with changing the oil in her car with you automotive knowledge)?

Keep these factors in mind as we dive into “dating online tips” further.

Now, let’s begin with the most important element of all when it comes to dating online: You profile photo.

If you do not post a photo, you might as well not even join the dating service because you will virtually go ignored, no matter how flattering of a note you send to a woman.

Click here to be taken to “Dating Online Tips, Part 2: The Profile Photo”

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