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Dating Online Tips, Part 3: Writing Your Profile Description

What do you have to offer?

Remember this phrase I told you to keep in mind back at the beginning of “Dating Online Tips” about online dating being a buyers and sellers market?

In a woman giving you her time and attention (and possibly her body), what do you have to trade?

Now is the time to flesh out all the things that make you stand out from everyone else competing for her attention.

Are you successful financially or career-wise?

As much as women like to say that they “don’t need a man to take care of them,” the fact is, women DO view men with either money or a stable career as “security,” and are always on the look out for them.

This doesn’t mean you have to reveal to her how much you make every year. It could be something as simple as “I am a professional (Attorney, Medical Doctor, Truck Driver, Teacher, Business Owner, etc.).”

Think of this as your “bragging right.” Not everyone has/will put in the time and effort to get to where you are (even if you are only a manager at the local Wal-Mart), and this is what makes you stand out about the rest of the pack.

Also, your success puts you more “in demand,” and you will literally have women tripping over themselves to compete for YOUR attention.

Still in college? Write down what it is you are studying. This signals to women that you are “going somewhere,” and have plans to begin a career in the future.

You may very well find other women who are also in college, and may be studying the same major, or even curious about your major (maybe because she is thinking of switching her major).

What do you like to do?

THOUGH this is about you, THE TRICK is to list things you like to do that women might also like to or be interested in doing.

Camping? A woman looking at your profile may have only been camping once in her life when she was a young girl, and may be looking for someone to introduce it to her once again. Or maybe she’s never been camping and would like to experience it for the first time?

Cooking? Maybe you are one of those guys that likes to go through a cookbook and pick out something you’ve never cooked before, just to see how it comes out?

I’m positive a woman would find that very interesting. She may be even looking for a little spontaneity to liven up her life!

As I said, list things you like to do, but also could see a woman enjoying as well. And list more than a few of them. One woman may simply adore the outdoors, while another might not care for it at all (bugs, taken out of the comfort of her home, etc).

Something like “I like to fix cars” is probably nothing a woman would be interested in, BUT it is definitely a skill you possess, and belongs in the next category.

What type of skills do you have?

You can forget about putting down “I am very skilled in the art of lovemaking” Casanova. She ain’t impressed.

Are you good with computers? A definite plus for those “technology challenged” women out there. She could always use someone with computer knowledge in case her computer crashes in the future, or if she needs some help with buying a new one that has everything she wants.

Do you have knowledge of cars? Can you fix them? She may not be interested in getting under the hood with you, but you may very well save her from getting “raped” down at the local auto shop where they want $30.00 to do a “diagnostics” to tell her what she already know is wrong with HER car.

Think of some skills you possess, then think about how they could help a woman, and write your skills into your description.

And finally, What type of woman are you looking for?

Now unless you’ve joined an adult dating site such as adultfriendfinder.com or fling.com, forget about adding anything dealing with physical descriptions or “the sexual,” such as “I am looking for a woman with tight ass, nice rack, and very good in bed.”

If you are only looking for “blondes,” or women within a certain height or weight, then all you have to do is look at a woman’s picture and profile because it will all be listed on there. Just DON’T put it into your description.

You do not want to list anything such as “I am looking for a woman who like to cook, clean, is a democrat, loves football,” etc.

Nor do you want to list any “girly” descriptors such as “I am looking for a woman who is honest, caring, down to earth, sensual,” yada, yada, yada.


Let them know right off the back the reason you joined the site in the first place: TO FIND A DATE!

You want to be saying something along these lines: “I am looking for a woman who would be interested in chatting or exchanging phone numbers, which could possibly lead up to meeting for dinner, dancing, and drinks.”

This lets women know that you are looking for someone to meet in person, and that you are not looking for a “net buddy” or “email pal.” You didn’t pay your money to log on and make “friends.” That’s what myspace.com and other social networking sites are for.

You are looking for a potential date! This keeps all the women who aren’t serious about dating away, and from wasting your time.

Alright, lets wrap this up with the final part “Dating Online Tips” with Part 4: Flirting Online, and learn how approaching women works on the net.

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