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Dating Online Tips, Part 2: The Profile Photo, A*K*A “Storefront Window Display”

Dating Online Tips Continued…

So you’ve signed up with one of the online dating services I’ve recommended and are now wondering what to do next? Well, since you may not have any idea of what to write into your profile description just yet, why not start with uploading a photo of yourself?


Only your best will do. Don’t even bother creating a profile without uploading a photo. Nothing says “please ignore me” more than a profile with no photo.

If you are not comfortable with posting your photo online, then don’t even bother with signing up for an online dating service.

Females want to be able to see who is writing to them (don’t you want to see the females that write you?), and they will pretty much ignore notes sent to them from profiles with no picture.

ALSO, don’t even think about uploading any picture other than yourself! These photos need not be of you tossing the football around with Mikey, nor should it be of you boozing it up with Johnny, Dan, and Bill down at the lake.

They should only be of you! It’s YOUR profile! And no pictures of silly sh*t such as race cars, celebrities, or pictures of your favorite “poke’mon” character either!


You also need to be dressed presentable in your photos. Not the “average Joe” photos of you lounging around the house in your “tattered rags,” looking as if you just finished working on the car, or coming back from shooting hoops at the gym.

This is what I was talking about when I said “being yourself just won’t cut it.” You want to display the “hyper-inflated” version of yourself.

Why? Because FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST IMPRESSION, and you only get ONE chance to impress.

The first thing a woman will notice (whether you send her a note or she happens across your profile) is your photo. If it’s a photo of you “just being yourself” then she’ll move on to the next profile and not even bother contacting you.

You (to her) are no different than the hundreds of other guys online.

Go through your closet and pull the best casual and dress clothes in your wardrobe you can find. Don’t own any? Then go out and get some! Consider it as an investment in your dating future.

Put the most emphasis in everything going on above the waist. Nice shirt (polo, button-up, or a casual pull-over), suit jacket or sport coat, clean shaven or trimmed beard and mustache, and fresh hair-cut. Try to do without wearing hats altogether.

The idea of all this is to show a woman that you would look very presentable if the two of you were to go out on a date, and that you would not show up looking like a bum and embarrass her.

Taking the Photo

The best thing to do is to have a friend snap a few photos for you with a digital camera. But if no one is available (or if you have no friends), then it is perfectly okay to stand in front of you bathroom mirror and snap a few pics.

Just take a look at a few different profiles and you will see that this is the new trend. You see people in front of a mirror taking a picture with their camera phones even!

I recommend using a digital camera because of the fact that you can preview the photos after you take them, and if you don’t like certain ones, you can just delete them and take more.

If you don’t own one, either invest in one or borrow one from a friend.

The trick(s) to remember is to:

  • 2) Wherever you point the camera lens at in the mirror, you need to be looking directly at the lens of the camera once you snap the photo.

    Otherwise, the resulting picture will look like you are just observing yourself in the mirror.

  • 3) The lighting must be good so that the picture comes out clear. So don’t stand too far away from the light source above the mirror (hopefully you have one).

Also, the type of shots that you want to take are medium shots (from the waist up), and medium-close shots (from the chest up). Either move close to the mirror and zoom out, or move away from the mirror and zoom in (if your camera has a “zoom” option).

These shots will be used to convey to the “buyers” what you look like physically.

Afraid she’ll think you’re too fat?

Let her decide that. It may not even be an issue with her.

Afraid she’ll think you’re too skinny?

Let her decide that. It may not even be an issue with her.


This main point hammers home the next dating online tips topic dealing with online dating:


It signals that they have something to hide. If they didn’t, then would also have a full-body photo of themselves.

It has been my experience that these women often end up being either large or pregnant. I don’t have anything against large women; big girls need luvin too! But that is not my preference, nor are pregnant women my fetish.

The point I am trying to make is that women will treat a profile that only had photos from the chest up the same way: as if you have something to hide.

Besides, what could be better than to meet and connect with a woman who accepts you for who you are in the first place…nirvana!

NOTE: When uploading your photo to you profile, if the image file size is too large, you may be asked to “resize” the photo to meet the file size requirements.

Click here to read an article that will explain to you how to resize your images, and to download a free program for resizing images if you need one.

“Dating Online Tips” now takes a look at some of the things to include into your profile description, and the things you simply want to avoid writing about.

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