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Dating Conversation Tips: Sometimes “Hi” Is Just Enough To Get By

So, you’ve come to “Dating Conversation Tips” looking for those lines that the “cool guy” uses in the movies. Well, sorry to disappoint, but they don’t work in the real world, and you shouldn’t try to use them.

(But sometimes Hollywood gets it right…)

When it comes to dating conversation, here is a tip you can never go wrong with:


Keep It Simply Simple! (You may also know it as “Keep It Simple Stupid”)

You’d be surprised how a simple “Hey. How’s it going?” can get you in, and get the conversation ball rolling. But the most important factor that is really going to determine how the conversation will turn out is how she responds with her body language to you.Some of the best dating conversation tips I can offer you are to just use the present environment or situation to start up a conversation.

Take a Nightclub, Social Bar, or a Party for instance.

You spot a female who you think you’d like to approach for a conversation, and are wondering what you should say.

Well, there are a number of things you could say. You could walk over and ask her:

YOU: “Hey, are you enjoying yourself?”

If she counters with “Yeah, how about you?” then you’ve got the green light (and excuse) to continue with the conversation.

If she answers “Yeah…” or shrugs her shoulder and looks off in another direction, then she’s probably not interested in conversing.

(Note: If you haven’t read part 1 and 2 of “Reading Body Language”, then please stop and do so now! There is no way for you to tell whether to engage or continue a conversation with a woman without this knowledge, so please read these articles so that you will know and understand what you should be looking for in the first place.)

If the place seems to be dead, you could say:

You: “Have you been here before?”

Her: “Once or twice. Why?”

You: “Is this place always this dead?”

or if the place is “packed”…

You: “Is this place always this crowded?”

See how you can just use your surroundings to come up with something to talk about?Let’s try being I little more “direct”:

You: “You look VERY nice in that outfit.”

Her: (Smiling) “Thank you!”

You: “Do you always look this good when you go out?”

Her: (Laughing) “I try to do my best!”

You: (Extending your hand) “Hi, I’m _______(your name goes here)”

Notice that I am just giving you tips to begin a conversation, also know as “Ice Breakers.”

I WILL NOT sit here and write out a whole entire conversation for you to memorize and keep in you pocket, lol. How the hell could I know how she is going to respond to your questions?

Once you break the ice, it’s up to YOU to continue to keep the conversation going.

If you get nervous and run out of things to say, then its okay to let her know.

You: “I’m sorry. I’m a little nervous…

Her: “That’s okay.” (hopefully 🙁

You: “Can you dance?”

Her: “Yeah…”

You: “Are you any good?”

Her: “I think I’m pretty good…”

You: “Good, because you are going to have to dance for the BOTH of us.”

She laughs (hopefully 🙁

Her: “You can’t dance?”

You: “No, but I’d be willing to learn if you’d teach me…”

K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simply Simple!

Here are some other “simple” dating conversation starters:

  • “What is that you are drinking? Is it any good?”
  • “That tattoo looks like it must have hurt…”
  • “What song is that they are playing? Who is it by?”

BUT TRUST ME: If you can think of nothing else to start with, you best bet is ALWAYS simply “How are you doing?”

It works every time…

AND NOW FOR THE RULES OF CONVERSATION: Click here for the “Do’s and Don’ts” of conversation

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