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Cheap Date Ideas: Ways to Impress Your Date Without Breaking the Bank

Cheap Date Ideas is not about being “cheap.” It’s about being smart. Not everyone has the money to go the movie theater, nightclub or out to eat every single week. A lot of guys are misled to believe that the more money you spend, the more important you look, and the more she will come to like and love you.

This is the wrong approach all day long!

“Spending your way to her heart” will only get you taken advantage of (see Dating Rules for tips to avoid becoming a “pocket book pawn”). Some women also view this approach as a form of manipulation, meaning, she does not want to feel obligated to “give you some” just because bought her dinner.

But trust me when I tell you that some women will take everything you toss at them and DO NOT feel obligated to give ANYTHING in return…not even a “thank you.”

Again, these ideas have nothing to do with being cheap.

Even if you and your date took turns paying for each others meals, drinks, and movie tickets, all that stuff becomes expensive after a while. Do her and yourself, your wallet, and her purse (or hand bag) a favor by getting more creative and find things the two of you can do together that cost you little or nothing in return other than your time.

Let’s see what’s on the menu…

Home Movie Night
Interested in learning how you can entertain your date for less than $20 bucks? Cheap Date Ideas shows you how you can impress your date without busting your budget…

A Park or Beach Picnic
Cheap Date Ideas: Spend the day with your date a one of the many beautiful parks and beaches across the country, with the most beautiful part being all of the money you will save…

A Beautiful Day in Her Neighborhood
Strapped for cash? Why not go and hang out with you date in her neck of the woods? Time is the only spending you’ll be doing for the evening…

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